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Monday, April 30, 2012

Open Thread - What do you want to see?

Welcome, readers. I know it's been a while since I've posted more material, but I've still been watching with interest Philadelphia's nightlife. If anyone has any suggestions for places to review, or for that matter websites I may have missed that do a better job of telling the story of "what happened" then I'd love to hear from you. Please post a comment below. -Adam

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Union Transfer October 18

And another report from Christina Larkins. Fans, I appreciate all of your interest in these accounts, and I hope to keep them coming at a steadier rate. The delay in getting this report posted is entirely mine. -Adam

Union Transfer 1026 Spring Garden Street
October 18, 8 pm (Tuesday)
Little Dragon, Tycho and DJ QUESTLOVE

Report by: Christina Larkins

I never had the pleasure of eating at the Spaghetti Warehouse when it was here, but with all due respect, I have no idea how this building could ever have masqueraded as anything other than the amazing music venue that it is.

I mean, everything about this location is a concert goers dream.

Ample street parking, (most free after 10, but please be sure to read the signs, no need to end up on Parking Wars). And just in case you have a few tickets already and don’t want to risk the street, there was a lot available for the night of the show for only $10 right around the block.

I walked in and was immediately in awe of not only the building itself, but the fact that DJ Questlove was already spinning when doors opened at 8. The sound system was incredible. You could literally feel the music in any part of the building you walk. Clear. Clean. Crisp beats. Not one hint of static or feedback.

You enter through the little “snack/giveaway/promo” lobby, which has a few benches (just in case you need a break from all the chaos during the night) and reasonably priced bottled water and chips. (beware of the stale pretzels.) Beyond the doors you arrive upon this huge floorspace. Just massive. The stage was simplistically set, but whoever was doing the lighting that evening, gets so much credit. The lights were incredible. Moving in perfect tandem with the music. And setting the mood for the whole show all night.
At the back of the huge standing room space was a bar, sectioned off to make sure all liquor stayed in that area, which I, who seemingly have a target on my clothes that says “please, spill your wine here” really appreciated. To the left and the right were seating areas. And if that wasn’t enough, there were balcony’s above full of people. All areas secured with at least one guard. It was the safest I ever felt out at an event.

The show was phenomenal. This isn’t going to turn into a music review, but I have to say I was a really impressed with Little Dragon (who I’d never heard of until the Roots Picnic this year) and of course, anything Questlove is involved with, is pretty much a guaranteed good time. But I digress.

The crowd was mixed. Dancing. Happy. And not the least bit pretentious. Everyone was truly enjoying themselves.

There were ample stalls in the bathroom. The air conditioning actually worked…ALL NIGHT. I mean, this was just a dream venue.

As the night went on, more and more people filled in, but I never got the sense of being cramped, or feeling claustrophobic. There was just an old world grandeur about the place. With so many little seating areas, alcoves and spaces to wander into, you never felt “trapped.”

This is by far, is my new favorite place in the city to see live music, and I can’t wait until the next concert.


Christina Larkins

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

G Lounge - Saturday October 8

A new report from Christina Larkins - Adam

G Lounge 111 S 17th St
Saturday October 8, 11 pm
$20 cover

If you’d like a nice place to go just to hear a few light pop songs, grab a drink and look at pretty women, or clean cut men in suits, then I highly suggest this place. But don’t expect to be blown away by anything. Its like the Kim Kardashian of clubs. All looks. No substance. And highly overpriced.

The one word that keeps coming to my mind when I think of the G Lounge is safe. Very nice. Very clean. Very proper. And very safe.

The craziest part of this club is the ridiculous “Studio 54” like line outside. Lots of pushing waiting to get in, lots of “hey I’m on this list” etc etc. But once I got past all of the fluffery, I walked down stairs to get in and heard Whitney Houston “I wanna dance with somebody” playing. In 2011. And I knew it was safe. The type of lounge you might actually bring your boss to after her nasty divorce. Very….yuppie. Safe. Corporate. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I did end up having one of the best nights out in the city in a long time, In spite of myself. It’s hard not to have fun there.

The club is visually beautiful. Huge VIP areas with leather couches, and cool lighting. There was a huge back bar, and a little “mini” bar on the dance floor. (I suggest using the back bar, the poor girl was getting totally slammed at the mini bar.) Mirrors were all around, which actually made me think the place was huge, at first glance. But no, It seems that most of the space was given to the “lounging” part. So if you actually want to dance you have a little space in the back by the DJ, or you can utilize any of the super skinny aisle. Which, I would highly recommend staying OUT of the aisle. Have you ever been on a subway during rush hour ? That’s pretty much equivalent to standing still in the main aisle at G Lounge.

I must admit, although the DJ was ridiculously generic, spinning the same mindless top 40 “radio friendly” jams you hear all day long, he DID keep the crowd going. It also helped that there were some amazingly beautiful dancers on boxes all night that were awe inspiring. Even if you didn’t like the music, you liked THEM liking the music lol.

The crowd was mixed, but all seemed to be of a certain class level. Not too many struggling artists types around this place. Everyone was very well dressed and for the most part friendly. And, seeing as how this is one of the only clubs in Philly were celebs are actually spotted at, I’m sure most of them were hoping to “casually” run into some D-List celeb. You know. But I appreciate good fashion so I wont judge their motives.

The drinks were very well made and after a few of them, even I felt safe enough to take my rhythmically challenged self to the dance floor for a bit.
The bathrooms were clean but small. And well maintained. And the attendant is probably the funniest woman in the world. She should really have her own show.
The staff (bouncers, bartenders, managers) were all very friendly and helpful throughout the night.

All in all it was a good time.

Dress spiffy. No sneakers or tees. And bring some cash. Those nicely made drinks add up. Shot of tequila was appx $15. Jack & Ginger was $10.


Christina Larkins